Australians are spoiled for choice

Australians are spoiled for choice. We have a large selection of car manufacturers for our relatively small population. Sometimes, this is a great thing for you, the customer, as competition drives prices down as they all fight for your business. For the most part, however, it means you can have an overwhelming amount of choice and deals to dig through to find not only the car best suited to your needs but the best deal on that vehicle too. This is where we can help you by saving you both time and money.

CarWoo! provides an easy, seamless car buying experience that brings volume fleet prices to private buyers, guaranteeing the best possible price on the new or used car you want and without the high-pressure atmosphere and sneaky tactics often employed by car dealerships to secure your business. What this means for you, is no more time wasted going from car yard to car yard, dealing with pushy salesman while desperately searching for that elusive “best price”.

At CarWoo!we do all the hard work for you by finding the car of your choice and securing you prices not available to public ‘retail’ buyers through our extensive network of industry contacts and bulk buy discounts.Our volume and expertise become your best bargaining tools as we use our leverage to secure you the best possible price in the market. As we’re in the industry, and our team have an impressive combined amount of experience, we know all the tricks and games that can be used to confuse buyers, so we can guarantee you no hidden fees or additional costs. Our extensive network of accredited dealers and eager wholesalers means we have an exhaustive range of vehicles now at your disposal, without you even leaving the comfort of your own home. We buy, trade and sell cars every single day and our reach is practically unlimited, and whether the right car for you is just down the road, or in the furthest corner of the country, we will find it for you.

Simply put, we will take all the stress out of the car buying process and with us doing all the negotiating on your behalf, you can sit back with confidence knowing you’re going to get the best imaginable price without any of the headache. This means all you have to do is look forward to picking up your car!